blackmarginleftmarginCirca 1996. I went to NYC for the the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Eulenspiegel Society at the Pennsylvania Hotel in February 1996 in New York City.

Yes, Virginia, there really are vampires.

( ....and some of them are the children of Cain, according to legend, and these are very dangerous.

And others are the children of Lilith, Adam's first wife who is still free to return to Eden. These are the Mara, healers and keepers of knowledge, who are sworn never to cause life's end, and to help any who ask. They live according to strict laws, and are of the light.

I learned about them from my friend Vi. I tell you her name, because she has just published a book about her kind....she is human, but also a Vampire, decended from Lilith, posessed of many strange needs, skills and powers. She can diagnose your health better than a team of M.D.s, just by the taste of your skin, and has done so, to the astonishment of some M.D.s.

I met her first a year ago, in Portland. An SM fetish convention, at the center of a panel, a workshop on vampires.

I arrived late, sat down on the floor, listened to a retelling of legends, and the vampires and food talking about blood lust, psychic abilities, and a bite that brings orgasm instantly. My K. was on fire, electric energy shooting up and down my body, hot cold, feverish and faint. I've never been crazy about blood, used to faint at the required catholic school pro-life propaganda. This was very different.

I put up my hand to speak, explained that I was a witch, with most of those powers anyway and they said "we know, we saw it when you came in..."

Afterwards I had a chance to chat with the 'senior vampire' of the panel, Vi. We got to talking about energetic healing, and I mentioned solving an argument two people near me had been in by absorbing the negative energy, so they had no fight left, then sending positive energy so they would feel better.

She said that my ability to do that meant I was a 'Rogue' vampire of the Mara. A born vampire who has not consumed the blood of another vampire yet. I wasn't sure I wanted to become a vampire, so instead I held her hands and gave her some of my energy, she sighed and said it had been a long time since someone gave her rose light.

We parted, without my feeling her fangs.

When next I saw her, it was standing in the crowded Grand ballroom of the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York. Another huge fetish convention.

I was in full Domina finery, boots, corset, cape....I spotted her with her Vampire daughter and came closer...she saw me, and beads of sweat instantly broke out on her forehead.

These vampires only take blood from their bonded 'food', a multiple life partnership. When they asked to feed on me, I knew they meant energy, no broken skin, so I agreed. What followed remains by far the most erotic memory of a very erotic weekend.

In those boots, I am 6'2". The two ladies gathered me in their arms, one on each side, and each bent her head to gently nibble on a shoulder.

I had prepared myself by making certain I was well grounded to draw whatever energy they might need, but I was unprepared for the wild explosion of pleasure and Kundalini in my hips, rising instantly, and suddenly I was about to have a very loud and explosive orgasm standing in the middle of the crowded grand ballroom of the Pennsylvania Hotel.

I was not quite ready for that spectacle to become a part of my professional image..they felt it immediately and stopped. They thanked me, made certain I was steady on my feet, and departed in perfect unison, like fish in a school. Or a flock of birds changing direction midflight.

I have since decided that my professional image should not interfere with my own pleasure, so much!

Analysing the experience, with my own knowledge of energy, tantra, and healing I began to understand some of the magic behind generating such an intense response, with so little stimulation.

I have written a little about how to control the energy of another..I visualize myself as an egg of light on an eternal shaft of light. Lately, my focus has been on an intense connection between Gaia's K. and my own.

To ground someone else. I simply imagine them the same way. Because I m focusing on their energy, and they are not, I can control it.

I started experimenting, with grounding myself partly through other people. Focusing on their energy coming up intense from the earth, to me. I found that when I did that, both of our energies would increase exponentially, but also, we would both experience intense, dizzying pleasure. With my tantra partner, through the sexual touch, and oral connections.

Foot fetish sessions became very intense, I could either imagine energy coming from the earth, through their head, to me. Or I could imagine myself grounded intensely, and imagine that they sipped fron the energy stream, as they orally worshipped my feet. Imagine that energy going straight to their root chakra. Either way, they would get tremendously excited, whenever my mind strayed to that visualization.

So would I. Fun, fun, fun!

If I felt that the client had been drawn to me for spiritual tutoring as well as domination, then I might explain what I was doing with my energy. Usually, not. However, I was surprised to find how many not-very-aware people would pick up on the energy anyway, and comment on it's sweetness. Part of the Dominant/Submissive connection, they take on some of my perceptions. Or perhaps the enrgy going through their head awakened their third eye.

As I've mentioned, I have an arrangement with my guardian Angels, that allows me to play with this stuff, and do no harm.

If I am feeding on my slaves, I focus on their K. being connected to Gaia's, and gently bite/suck on their neck...not hard enough to hickey or bleed, but rather focusing on drawing energetic nourishment from Gaia through them with my kiss. If my focus is clear, we both find ourselves moaning and squirming with K. pleasure.

If they are feeding on me, I focus on my own connection to Gaia, drawing energy to replace what is taken. As long as the person being fed off is sufficiently grounded, there is no danger of ever drawing enough to deplete them, or Gaia's K., and the pleasure and love exchange feeds Her.

Blessings, Angelique (-I wonder how I'd look with fangs...Vi says she gets bumped up to first class all the time while flying..) Serpent.


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